It's darker than you think. It's later than you think.

My crappy little page...

Seriously, are there any other old-school ones like me who enjoy maintaining personal websites? It is 2015 and everyone is hanging out on diverse social networking sites, but I still do miss these personal sites and blogs.

Yes, time stands still here. I seem to have already lost my contact with the passing of time, and therefore I seek timelessness. Sounds crazy, huh? Do not mind.

I had much fun while editing this web layout. I used a ready template, just did some changes in coding and colours - as I am soooo full of delight and cheerfulness, I have a notorious attraction to dark and cold colour schemes. Hopefully it is nearly impossible to read it, hehe!

Now I am trying to come up with some content to this page. I am not planning to use it only as an extended ego-trip!